wearing glasses + headphones > reading + listening

I have 11 Word documents open, 8 pdf’s open, 4 desktops open and about 1000 tabs open :(

Metaphysics is tricky- it's kind of quasi science, talking about time and the nature of the world without actually examining the physics. Aesthetics is where it's at- we are humans and so it makes sense to talk about the things we make up. asked by Anonymous

metaphysics is tricky you’re right! we do look at some foundational physics like general relativity and newtonian science so it’s not totally abstract. however just as aesthetics or beauty is ultimately ‘made up’, i guess notions of time and space are too to a degree, or at least how we perceive things like flow of time, the past, present and future. so philosophy comes in where science can’t explain such phenomena, it tries to reconcile science and intuition.

Whats your essay on? asked by Anonymous

it;s on the metaphysics of time, on a theory called ‘presentism’ that cedes all that exists is the present. so the problem is accounting for past truths. in virtue of what can you claim there are truths about the past if all you think exists is the present?

man, it takes a lot of tea breaks, email checking, job hunting, travel research, drawing, keeping people on the phone, kissing foreheads, plant watering, hair pulling to write a philosophy essay.

how to tell if you are an adult: do you have a bowl full of loose change?

yes. you are an adult.

no. you are probably a student who looks under the couch for 20c pieces.

Ocean art

This recently sold for a considerable amount

This recently sold for a considerable amount